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2017 Collection: Gallo Runner 2.0

The Runner 2.0 was the first release for our 2017 collection. For this model we wanted to go simple and minimal, so we took what we loved from our 2016 Runner model and applied it to our new model in a very minimal way. One of the biggest highlights of our new Runner is that the middle stripe is not contained inside the wooden frame, but instead wraps around the entire guitar. Additionally, we decided to eliminate the white background on the sides of the middle stripe and made it crystal clear. We don’t know about you guys, but we think this was a beautiful decision from Jose! Finally, we wanted to remind everybody that the beautiful things are on the inside, and what a better way than a Gallo logo array all over the inside lining of the guitar.

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Sound Check

Like the looks? Gotta love the sound too. Our Demos section has a wide variety of live samples. See videos ranging from setup demonstrations, studio sessions with featured artists and live performances. All of the good stuff and in one place. We constantly update this section, so make sure you check back to keep up with our latest videos.

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Light Up The World

" Light Up the World is our motto here at Gallo Guitars. There’s this duality between light and darkness, but I look at it as darkness being defined as “the absence of light”. To me, Gallo Guitars is a beacon of light to creativity, expression and truth. I want light to be shone over artists who, just as me, believe that they can make a difference. "

Jose Gallo       
Lead artist at Gallo Guitars

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