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Feature Build - The Red Runner


Say hello to our Red Runner. This feature build just came out of our shop and we could not keep from writing about it. In this short note we´ll be covering a little bit of everything: From the guitar´s inspiration, to its tone and custom details.

This guitar goes way back. The idea of it was actually presented by SCAD´s Dean of Students, Art Malloy, to our own Jose Gallo a little after graduation. Through the following years, they maintained conversations about this custom build, and now, it has become a reality.

Art is an Ohio State alumnus and loves anything scarlet and grey - he actually already owns a red bass and red drum kit as well- As talk came out about making this build, the color-scheme was no brainer for him. As for the design, he was fascinated by our Runner design from the 2016 Collection.

When getting down to work, Jose made some design modifications to make this custom build a one-of-a-kind. Some of the key features on this guitar include the classic f-holes on the top of the guitar, as well as the continuous white-and-grey stripes that run along the entire border and a Gallo logo sequence lining the inside of the guitar. For the hardware, Jose decided to use chrome and black, to stay true to Art´s color inspiration.

This custom build is setup with the same controls of our Runner 2.0 model. It includes a master volume and a master tone control, complimented by a three way switch located right below the bridge for a practical access to pickup selection. It includes 500k pots that give the guitar a brighter high-end and is equipped with GFS “Vintage 59” pickups to round it up into a beautiful, vintage, a little bit sparkly, tone.

All and all, here it is: Our one of a kind Red Runner, with a beautiful scarlet pallet, a very comfortable feel and superb tone.

-The Gallo Guitars Team-