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Travel log: Beantown to ATL and back again.

Last week was a bit crazy. It was pretty amazing though. It started with a booth in Cambridge for an art market, carried on with an overnight flight to Atlanta and followed up with three days of intensive meetings. Now that I’m back in Boston, I thought I’d share some of the story with you.

The market on Sunday was pretty amazing. It was organized by a cooperative from the greater Boston area called The Boston Hassle. I’d been following them for a while and thought it’d be a good idea to go expo the Artist Signature Guitars along with some tees and my personal artwork. The expo went great, got to meet lots of cool people and even got to sell some stuff, so all positives for that!

After the market, we packed up, had some food and I actually went to back to packing, since I had a trip to Atlanta in a few hours. I got there really early the next day, ate something real quick and headed to a morning full of meetings at SCAD. I’d love to tell you more about it, but for now, I’ll just tell you that many great things will be coming from us in the near future!

Monday’s meetings got followed up by a meeting with Lace Seymour from Gear Talk on Tuesday and a pretty cool visit to Acorn Amplifiers right after. This was also a great time: I got to learn a lot about what it takes to run such massive accounts on Facebook and Instagram (162 K followers and counting!), plus got to talk about some cool gear. When we headed to Acorn Amps, I took a guitar with me and got it hooked up to one of their beauties. I let Lance play away and got some very positive feedback for me, which is very valuable coming from someone like him.

Wednesday was the last day of my trip. I got to visit SCAD in the morning and played around with some video editing in the library computers for a while. After lunch, I got my stuff together and went to meet my good friend Art Malloy. We had a brief, but heart-warming meeting, where we discussed new possibilities, came up with some pretty cool ideas and I was finally able to deliver to him his one-of-a-kind Gallo Red Runner, which we had discussed upon graduation and now has become a reality.

As time came to get back to Boston, I could only draw positives from all of the amazing people that I met with. It was an amazing time, with some amazing people who were all eager to come on board and light up the world with me!


– Jose Gallo–