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Nemes @ Great Scott

Nemes was the headliner at the Great Scott this past March 16th. After a series of studio visits, Jose Gallo and Dave Anthony decided to put on stage one of our Gallo Loop models. As the date got closer, both of us, Nemes and Gallo Guitars started telling our followings to come to the show on the 16th and that they were in store for something amazing. No lie, they truly were.

The night of the show went smoothly, despite the cold Boston weather – only four days away from spring and still freezing here in the Northeast – . Nemes arrived early at the venue to host the event, set up and do all the band-related stuff. As for us, we got our crew in a little later somewhere around the second band. We settled in, talked to the band and took care of the logistics of the headlining act featuring our guitar. Now, we waited.

We listened to one band after the other, after the other, but it was finally time for Nemes to get the stage. Dave got up and started setting up all of his equipment for the show, as he did that, Jose Gallo himself went up to the stage and passed him his Gallo guitar. It only took a few minutes until the whole band was ready and Dave walked up to the mic. He introduced the band shortly and they immediately dove into their set.

Nemes opened up their set with a song of their new album and then followed with some of their more popular tunes. As they performed, Dave kept his guitar 'off' for around three songs, so nobody knew about the surprise. When they got to their fourth song and everybody was already very engaged, Dave pushed the 'power' button and played away to a very soulful guitar solo. It was a sublime act of the abstract and the rational. We could hear all the screams of the audience cheering for the light being shed by Dave’s guitar, as we could also feel David’s music vividly resonating into our bodies while making us dance even more.

As the show carried on, Dave turned the guitar on and off according to what his feel desired. When they got to the last song, our Gallo Loop was shining bright on stage and resonating all over the venue. It was just a beautiful moment. Dave kept it on through all the song and then raised it in an act of gratefulness with the crowd. Their performance was just out of this world.

When the show was over, we got the chance to hang out with the band and congratulated them on their performance. When listening to their own version of the show, they kept stressing that they could feel all the positivity in the air and that the atmosphere was overwhelming. It was for sure a show to remember: An act of light and spirit where artists got together and lit up the world for all of us.

– The Gallo Guitars Team –