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Light Up The World

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.50.13 PM.png

Light Up The World is our art project from Gallo Guitars to The World. Since I started building guitars, I had this feeling to create instruments that would serve as beacons of light to other artists and, through time, they have evolved to become our symbol for creativity.

The concept if fairly simple, but also very deep once you take it to heart: Light Up The World by spreading creativity, love and truth to everyone and everything around you.

All of us are creative in one way or another, it is like this seed we have inside us. Some people have been watering that seed and exploring its potential for a really long time, while some others don’t even know they have it. The good news is that we all do.

The mission here is to help these seeds grow on everybody else. It is to light up the fire in our spirit to create and to be better.

If you consider yourself creative, it is time to stop selfishly making art and start sharing it with everybody else with generosity. By art, I do not mean an object or a craft, I mean art in spirit: The act of creating something that does not exist, but that you believe in.

In the other hand, if you are just realizing that you have this fire inside you, this is the time to start. If you have found yourself loving music, but wishing you could do it, then start getting closer to musicians. If you love to eat, then get closer to chefs. If you love to read, meet some writers. It is just the concept of being surrounded by art that will take you to create.

Our way of igniting this fire inside you is by inspiring you. By telling you that you can accomplish anything that you dream of! For me, I just wanted to get closer to music. The first guitar I ever made, was a class project and was falling apart just as I presented it to my classmates. Even tough it was very fragile, I didn’t give up on it and, as you have seen, my guitar project has evolved from a simple idea to the reality of our own Gallo Guitars studio here in Boston. Now, note that this studio is just the beginning and it is just a place. The real artwork is not happening in a building, it is happening right now as I write this to you and as you read it.

Light Up The World! You are ready for it.


- Jose Gallo -