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Demo Reel: By artists for artists


After two months of excitement, we finally closed pre-orders last night and now have our 2017 collection available at our e-store. With pre-orders coming to an end, we are on to publish a project that has been in the works since December of last year. This has been one of our bigger projects this far, in size and complexity, and here is a brief note on how it all came together.

As we were getting ready to launch pre-orders for 2017, our lead artist, Jose Gallo, kept talking about the best way to showcase our new collection. He definitely wanted to show the capabilities of our new instruments and their musical performance, but he also wanted to do it in a creative way.

When we had our guitar models ready, we invited several musician friends over to our studio to try them and tell us their thoughts. – Here is where we recorded some of our studio demos that you have probably seen in our Instagram and Facebook pages. – During these visits Jose kept thinking about making something bigger. Something specific for this new set of guitars that would show them off and really share the feeling that you get when playing a Gallo.

After these visits, we started brainstorming on new possibilities and got to work. We reached out to some of our nearest friends, in and out of the city, to put together a bigger project that would involve, not one, but many artists working towards one goal: Lighting Up the World. We always talk about this because “Light Up the World” is our motto, and we wanted to create something that physically and symbolically marked the beginning of this new chapter for Gallo Guitars. Some texts and phone calls after, we were ready to record a new demo reel for our 2017 collection.

We gathered at Jay Pee Chroma’s music studio here in Boston and recorded the whole thing in one long night. After getting the footage, we went on to edit the sound, put the video together and added an animated story to it. It was definitely a very fun project to be involved with and now we are excited to share it with you so you guys can keep on lighting up the world!

Special thanks to Jose, Jay, Ryan, Paul, Luis, Juan and everybody else who helped putting this project together. You guys are awesome!


– The Gallo Guitars Team –