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Introducing our Artist Signature Guitars

I am very excited to introduce you to this project I’ve been working on for a while. It’s been kind of crazy since it was being made parallel to all the other amazing projects happening in our studio, but I am glad to be able to introduce to you my official series of Artist Signature Gallo Guitars. There is a lot to this project, but for now, let me introduce you to the basics.

For the longest time, we were very busy making a standard model that would speak out for what the essence of a Gallo Guitar is: A clear guitar that has superb tone, top of the line playability, lights up as it reacts to sound and, most importantly, Lights Up The World. – I keep stressing this is the essence behind our work, because, more than a musical instrument, we believe that we are making a piece of artwork that empowers artists to shine an artistic light to the world. – Now that we got the basics covered, I kept getting overwhelmed by the inspiration of putting an artistic hand on some new guitar models. These new models have the same design features and their craft doesn’t fall short from any standards, but I wanted to give some of our guitars an actual soul straight out of the gates. That is not something that I see very often on many other guitars, but it was a must-make for me as an artist, and a must-have, for us as a Guitar Studio.

So that left me wondering on what kind of approach I was going to take in order to turn this feeling into an actual piece of art. Personally, this had been something I had been longing for months, if not years, and when I got the chance, I just let it speak to me.

The process for all of our guitars starts the same way: A slab of hand-selected tone-wood, some sketches and some standard guitar-making processes. To get that covered, I grabbed this one piece of wood in my shop and started creating. I wanted to make a more organic design, so I added extra wood to it and then started reacting to what I saw. It was a very interactive and emotional process, where I started gaging what I needed to do with what I saw and what I felt. – Just like any guitarist on a jam or a gourmet chef with his food. – It was an expression of some raw feeling and the bare touch of the artist’s hand, all together in one magical moment of inspiration.

Ok, now that we have the story down, let’s get down to the point. After our second year releasing a standard line, we wanted to step it up a notch. Like I said, we wanted to make some guitars with even more SOUL and, finally, here they are. For you! What is happening here is not a one-time thing, it is an actual new category of guitars happening right here and right now. We have changed our store around and made a special division for this new group of jewels. Basically, form today on, when you enter the store you will find three main categories: The Gallo Guitars line, which includes all of our standard models at a very affordable price; the Artist Signature Gallo Guitars line, which includes a very limited series of unique one-of–a-kind art pieces; and the Custom Made Category, which is our option for a completely personalized Gallo Guitar made specifically for you. This division will help us better direct other artists towards the guitar that best fits their needs. Whether it is a punk-rocker who wants to buy a standard guitar and paint all over it himself, a performing artist who just fell in love with one of our signature designs or another performing artist looking to work side-by-side, we’ve got you covered.

Personally, I have been waiting for a long time to get to this point, and now, more than ever, we are ready to step it up a notch. As always, lets make some art and let’ make this happen. Let’s Light Up The World!


– Jose Gallo –