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Cheers to a new year full of light!

We are already a week-and-a-half into the New Year and things could not look any better! We wrapped up last year launching our Official Collection for 2017 and opening up pre-orders for all of you guys who have been following us and are eager to put your hands on one of our works of art. Now that we are about to finish our pre-order run, we are getting ready to have our best year yet!

In a short note, I want to start off the year by thanking every single person who has supported this amazing project in every kind of way. Cheers to all the talks I’ve had with other artists that had made us evolve into something amazingly better. Cheers to all the guitarists who contact us with questions about our artwork and to all the ones who physically stop by our studio to play some tunes. Cheers to all our friends and family for their unbelievable support and cheers to everyone who has put a Gallo Guitar on stage to shine some light to the world. Cheers to all the laughs and the struggle. Cheers to the long nights and the early mornings. Cheers to this incredible journey and for all the amazing things to come.

Above all, cheers to believing that, with love and light, every amazing thing is possible!

Light Up the World even brighter!


Jose Gallo