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Introducing our Gallo Guitars 2017 Collection

This year is closing on the best note we could have ever imagined! We have done SO MUCH this year and we can clearly see the spirit of our growth in our new collection. Our lead artist Jose Gallo has created a wonderful triplet that will visually and musically blow your mind away. Bellow, you will find a brief description of every model.


Gallo Runner 2.0

The Runner 2.0 was the first release for our 2017 collection. For this model we wanted to go simple and minimal, so we took what we loved from our 2016 Runner model and applied it to our new model in a very minimal way. One of the biggest highlights of our new Runner is that the middle stipe is not contained inside the wooden frame, but instead wraps around the entire guitar. Additionally, we decided to eliminate the white background on the sides of the middle stripe and made it crystal clear. We don’t know about you guys, but we think this was a beautiful decision from Jose! Finally, we wanted to remind everybody that the beautiful things are on the inside, and what a better way than a Gallo logo array all over the inside lining of the guitar.




Gallo Loop

Loop was released a week after the debut of our Runner 2.0. What is very characteristic of this model is that there is not a single straight line in the design. Contained in the contrast with it’s frame, the design on this one suggests a looping movement that merges into the infinite possibility of where the lines continue behind the frame. Letting us with the task of closing that ‘loop’ with our imagination. One of the key features on this design is a more elaborate color pallet, which includes 4 different tones and colors, which allows a play of dimension between planes created by physical and tonally implied overlap. Additionally, our Loop model also features a more-subtle Gallo Logo array on the inside, which is a very nice finishing touch for such a beautiful work of art.



Gallo Bloom

Bloom is the last, but not the least of our collection. Starting from its dominating orange face and merging into its border, Bloom makes a wonderful play of organic and geometric forms. On top of that powerful orange, the guitar counts with a very strong play on hues and tones, making the other color interact and give it a very dimensional quality in contrast with the paint’s flat nature. Additionally, one very cool feature of this model is the position of its controls, which includes the pickup selector, the volume and tone knobs and the power button for the sound reactive light system. We made the new arrangement very comfortable. If you can’t imagine it, just trust us on this one.


If you enjoy our new collection, go check out the specs every model at our e-store. We have 30 available for pre-order and will start shipping the first production run the last week of January 2017.

Light Up the World!


– The Gallo Guitars Team ­–