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Travel Log: Gallo Guitars Coast to Coast


A week ago I flew to the West Coast and took another of our Gallo Custom guitars with me. It was a long trip from Boston. It is literally traveling from one extreme of the country to the other­, but I was very glad to get to drive around San Diego and get more familiar with the area. I just spent two days over there, but was able to stop by the beach and take some pictures for you guys before I delivered it.

On this custom build I had complete artistic freedom over the design of the guitar, so I gave it several personal touches. It was also for a punk-rocker, so that affinity made working on it even more exciting! For this build I used some previous ideas from our first edition like the exposed mahogany border in our Gallo One and the paint-dripping pattern on Vanilla. Concluding in one of my favorite custom builds to this day.

Here are some process pictures of this custom build at the Gallo Guitars Studio and some more by the beautiful Pacific Coast. Where to next?


– Jose Gallo –