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Guitar Demos Update

Hey there. So we've been working hard here at Gallo Guitars to bring you the best of the best. Many of you have reached out and asked about the sound of several of the guitars we offer in our page. Since then, we have uploaded several demo videos to our Instagram page and your response has been wonderful.

Nevertheless, we wanted to go the extra mile and give you guys a more detailed look into the actual setups that we include in our guitars. During the month of June, we met up with some of our friends here in Boston and asked them to review our guitars and play for a couple of demo videos for you guys. All the content was being edited during the last few weeks and now we are ready to share it with you!

In the videos you can see two featured setups: The 'standard' setup that all of the guitars in our 2015 edition include and a custom setup Jose has put on several custom guitars. Here are the specs:

- Standard Setup (Bridge + Neck): Seymour Duncan SH 4 + SH 2N
- Custom Setup (Bridge + Neck): Seymour Duncan SH 11 + Vintage P-90

From the left: 'One' Standard Setup, 'Strawberry Sundae' Custom Setup, 'Vanilla' Standard Setup.

The 'standard setup' is installed in our Gallo One, Pink Runner and Vanilla guitars, still available on our web-store. The 'custom setup' has a more versatile tone between pickups and has been used in several of our custom guitars, such as Max Owen's 'TMA' and Jose Gallo's 'Anti-gravity Strawberry Sundae'.

Bellow are the Demos. You can also find them in our demos tab. Enjoy, share and Light up the World!


- The Gallo Guitars Team -

Gallo 'One' - Clean

Gallo 'One' - Distorted

Gallo 'Strawberry Sundae - Clean

Gallo 'Strawberry Sundae' - Distorted