Light Up The World - Max Owen


Max Owen - The Matter Animatic

Max and Gallo Guitars - Max was the very FIRST artist to put a Gallo Guitar on stage. His relationship with us goes way back to 2014 when he first peeked-in at one of Jose Gallo's photo sessions and found Jose photographing one of his early guitar projects. From that day, Max became imperative to the success of Gallo Guitars, putting the guitar up on stage at major Atlanta venues like The 529, The Drunken Unicorn and The Earl.
Max believed in us since the very first moment he saw one of our creations, which comes to show how a little curiosity can take you the distance. This drive for creativity and unconditional belief is, in essence, a huge part of what we call Light Up The World.

About Max - Max is the lead guitarist of The Matter Animatic, an alternative/experimental rock trio from Atlanta, Ga. He describes their music as "(a band) playing on creative ways to intertwine three instruments in a simple, complex type of way." The Matter Animatic is working on their new EP and is ready to get back up on stage this Summer.


The Matter Animatic live at The Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta, GA. (2014 and 2015 video compilation). Video courtesy of Team Down Town Brown.

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