Light Up The World - Luis Felipe Gomez


Luis Felipe Gomez
- One Drop / Entre Nos -

Luis and Gallo Guitars - We met Luis Felipe the night Life and The Good Times debuted their new Gallo Guitar on stage. After the gig, Jose went outside with Juan Arango, the lead guitarrist from Life and the Good Times and got introduced to Luis and another one of Juan's friends. A few weeks after the gig, we messaged Luis and told him about our 2017 collection, which was unreleased at the time, and asked him if he wanted to give it a shot at our studio. After Luis visited, he agreed to take our Runner 2.0 on stage with his band One Drop: A Bob Marley Tribute.
Since then, Luis has stayed close to our studio and has been a vital part of our quality control process. His willingness to help and make us better is a trait that not too many posses and we are very lucky that he is helping us Light Up The World in this and many other ways!

About Luis Felipe Gomez - Luis Felipe is a guitar player from Panama. He currently plays in two bands that vary in genre. The first, which is feature in the video below, is a reggae enssemble that goes by the name One Drop: A Bob Marley Tribute. The second is a Latin pop-rock duo called Entre Nos, where he and his band-mates produce some vibrant original content. Make sure to check them out on the Soundcloud links right below.


Entre Nos On Soundcloud