Light Up The World - Jay Pee and Juan


Jay Pee Chroma and Juan Arango
- Life and The Good Times -

Jay, Juan and Gallo Guitars - Our relationship with Jay Pee goes way back to when we started. When we moved our studio up to Boston, we got in touch with him and told him the news. He told us that he was starting a new band by the name of Life & The Good Times with his good friend Juan Arango. We kept in touch throughout the year and finally decided to work on a guitar for Jay Pee and his band. The design was based on an alternatively minimalist way that showcased it's funky cream and purple colors with a light streak contouring around the edges of the guitar, which ended up being pretty sexy in and on itself.
Jay and Juan's positive vibes on stage and their feel for funk are something remarkable. Their music and poetic lyrics touch the deepest of our feelings to make us get up, dance and put a smile on our face. What a way to light up the world!

About Life and The Good Times - Life and The Good Times is a Boston-based alternative-funk band. Since their beginning in 2015, they've been playing in the Northeast and spreading their funky vibes around. They will be touring again this summer and will also release their new EP which, from what we've heard, sounds pretty awesome!


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