Light Up The World - Dave Anthony


Dave Anthony
- Nemes -

Dave and Gallo Guitars - The way we met Dave was very unconventional. We were working at the studio and waiting for one of our machines to cut some stuff, so we decided to use that extra time to look into Boston-based bands. When we typed "boston bands" on Google, we opened the first link and found a list called "Bands to Look for in 2016". After looking over it we listened to Nemes' (pronounced knee-miss) music and felt like we had to contact them.

A couple of back and forth emails and we had Dave demoing one of our guitars at our studio a week later. The week that followed we put that same guitar on stage and since then we started working on Dave's own custom guitar, who we named Aurora. During this whole process, Dave has been of incredible support and has become a very dear friend. We can't wait to see him Light Up The World with his music and new guitar!

About Dave Anthony and Nemes - Dave is the lead guitarist and frontman of Nemes, an alternative folk-rock band from Boston that mainly tours around the Northeast and has also traveled all around the country to numerous venues and music festivals. They’ve been on continuous growth since the release of their first full-length album “I Carry Your Heart”, released on 2014, and will be releasing their new album this summer, which will be accompaniedby their 2017 tour.


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