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Bibi McGill
- Beyonce's Sugamamas, DJ & Yogi -

Bibi and Gallo Guitars - We met Bibi in a series of events that was just out of this world. It all started though a connection we had in common, that led to one email, after a call, after another, and materialized  into our own Jose Gallo visiting Bibi’s studio in Portland.

While in Portland, Jose was able to talk about new ideas for collaboration and got Bibi on board with our Light Up The World. Bibi’s motto “Vibrate Higher” is a direct connection that we share on becoming the best version of ourselves, while positively inspiring others and spreading positivity around the world.

About Bibi McGill - Bibi started touring as a guitarist for Pink, La Ley and Paulina Rubio from 2001 to 2005, which later led to an audition that got her a spot in Beyonce’s all-ladies band: The Sugamamas. As Beyonce’s lead guitarist and musical director for over eight years, she was able to tour the world and play in the biggest stages, including Glastonbury Festival and even the Half Time Show of the Super Bowl on 2013. Currently, Bibi and Beyonce are in an indefinite hiatus, as Bibi is pursuing new musical horizons as an independent musician and DJ, as well as touring the world as a yoga instructor.



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