Gallo Emerald Model
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Summary and Specifications

The Gallo Emerald Model (GEM) is part of our 2018 Spring Collection Series. It is named after it's geode like design and it's feature emerald-like color.

Even though green is it's stock color, we offer a good variation, making it the color of your favorite gem. This guitar is available with double humbuckers, humbucker/P-90 setup or a Seymour Duncan double-humbucker upgrade.

Please make sure you read over the specifications below and feel free to message us with any special requests or questions about this instrument. Custom colors are available upon request at no extra cost.

*Please note that all of our instruments are made to order and will be completed 8-14 weeks after ordered depending on demand.

**There is a flat rate shipping charge to all orders. International orders are subject to additional charge, which is to be completed before the order i s shipped.


Weight - 7.25 lb +/- 0.5 lb

Scale -  25.5”

Pickup Configuration - Humbucker/Humbucker, Humbucker/P-90 or Humbucker/Humbucker Seymour Duncan upgrade.

Body Composition - Poplar tone-wood and polymer variation.

Neck Composition - Bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fret-board. CITES compliant for international orders.

Neck Specifications - 21 frets, Nut Width: 42mm, Heel Width: 55mm, C profile (very similar feel to an early 60's Fender®)

Controls - Tone and Volume knobs with a 3-way selector switch.

Sound Reactive RGB LED System - ON/OFF Push-Button, 3.7v/ 2200 mAh Lithium Rechargable Battery, 5v output jack and charger.

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