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Bibi McGill and Madame Gandhi on stage at the Palace Theatre in LA


Here’s a cool update you guys. In the beginning of the summer, we announced the start of our amazing partnership with Bibi McGill, the former lead guitarist of Beyonce’s Sugamamas. Now, as you’ve probably seen on our Instagram page, we’ve been incredibly busy this second half of the year, but we couldn’t let news like this skip by.

When we first started working with Bibi, we couldn’t wait to get some cool pictures to share with our fans. However, realizing that Bibi was traveling all over the world DJ-ing and giving yoga lessons, we weren’t sure when she was gonna hit the stage with one of our guitars.

It was not until a couple of months ago that the very first opportunity to have some footage of her on stage presented itself. Bibi was participating on this giant health and wellness festival, that many of you may probably know by the name of Wanderlust, and she was going to be sharing the stage with MIA’s former drummer, Madam Gandhi. We were very excited on our side to see that happening, but we turned out to be empty-handed of pictures by the end of the event. It was a bummer, but little did we know, something good was starting to line up.

After their performance in Wanderlust, Bibi and Madame Gandhi, carried on with their respective tours. A couple of months went by and surprise! Bibi was back from teaching yoga in Hong Kong and was now ready to share the stage with Madame Gandhi once again. This time the whole mood of the gig was different, as it was in Bibi’s beloved Portland and it was in an actual venue instead of a festival. From what we heard, it was an amazing night at the Wonder Ballroom, where they played supporting Ani Di Franco’s tour. However, there were still no pictures, but no worries, things were going to materialize for us a week later in LA.

The next stop on the tour was the Palace Theatre in Downtown LA, where Madam Gandhi had Bibi as a guest in her all-female band once again. Once there, some phone pics and teasers started coming our way, but it was not until a few days ago that we finally got the pictures in our hands!

Well, you guys, we are very glad to finally present you with some pics of Bibi rocking our beautiful Aurora on stage. This is only the beginning and as Bibi would say, we hope these pics will show you how to “vibrate higher!”.

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