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Live Studio Sessions with Daniel Patiño Quintana

Hey guys! As Jose mentioned on his previous post, here are some new videos with Daniel Patiño Quintana and his custom-made Gallo Guitar. It has been a great experience to work with Dan and we really do hope you enjoy his music and these new guitar demos he was kind enough to record for us.

The demos are set up as a live studio session where Dan is playing two original songs: ‘Joaquin’ and ‘En la Boca del Monte’.

For ‘Joaquin’ Dan Pat is using the Seymour Duncan SH-11 humbucker on the custom setup Jose built for him and is also playing with our LED sound reaction system. So this is a very good video to watch some lights and listen to some beautiful tones.

Dan’s original ‘Joaquin’ is about a young man named Joaquin who is lost in alcohol. It talks about his struggle with this substance as his father tells him that he is becoming a beast. The song then ends with Joaquin talking to you and advising you to not follow his messy steps because if not you will become who he has become: "poor, old Joaquin".

The second song is more upbeat and is very proper of Dan Pat’s repertoire. In this, like in many others, Dan is taking us back to his home country Costa Rica. For this one, he is telling us how in Costa Rica it storms so hard, that you can see rain actually rising up, instead of falling down. This, you can see in his song when he is singing “llueve al revés” which directly translates to “it's raining backwards”.


For this song, he is using the P-90 on his custom setup, which gives it a slightly brighter and hotter tone, which fits the tropical nature of his song. Also, for this session Dan is playing with our sound reaction system turned OFF. This is a good way to show the range of options that he gets as a performer with his custom Gallo Guitar.

Finally, we would like to extend our gratitude and best wishes to Dan.  It has really been a pleasure working with him. To keep up with his music follow him on Instagram @yosoydanpat or on Facebook @ Daniel Patiño Quintana .

-The Gallo Guitars Team-