09-15-18 - Light Up The World -


The Gallo Guitars 'Light Up The World' Project

Since our start in 2014, we have had a very special group of artists and bands who have directly contributed to Light Up The World. These artists have gone above and beyond to perform with one of our instruments on stage and have shone their light to thousands of people around the World.

Learn more about the Light Up The World Project right here.


              Image courtesy of Coldplay and Roadie #42

Jonny Buckland
- Coldplay -


What a better band to Light Up The World than Coldplay itself: Their love their lights, their enthusiasm. It's all together a masterpiece and we're beyond excited to be a part of it! Learn about our story with Coldplay and our
Guitar Full of Dreams on the link bellow.

Featured Artist
Image courtesy of Coldplay and Roadie #42



Bibi McGill
- Beyonce's Sugamamas, DJ & Yogi -


We are ecstatic about having Bibi McGill, Beyonce’s former Lead Guitarist and Musical Director, on board with our Light Up The World Project. Jose and Bibi met, during Jose’s visit to Portland in July 2017 and now are collaborating on Lighting Up The World, while “Vibrating Higher!”. Read more about Bibi’s contribution to our project on the link bellow.


Featured Artist
Image courtesy of Bibi McGill and JP Marcus



Max Owen
- The Matter Animatic -

Max was the very FIRST artist to put a Gallo Guitar on stage. His relationship with us goes way back to 2014 when he first peeked-in at one of Jose Gallo's photo sessions and found Jose photographing one of his early guitar projects. Read more about Max and the Matter Animatic, watch them perform on stage and listen to their music on the link below.


Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 2.02.43 AM.png

Daniel Patiño Qunitana
- Patiño -


Daniel and Jose met through a mutual friend in a bowling alley. A few months later, they started talking about creating a new guitar for Daniel, making him the FIRST musician to play one of our custom-mades after we relocated to Boston. Read more about Daniel, his music and see him perform on a studio session with his custom Gallo Guitar on the link bellow.



Jay Pee Chroma and Juan Arango
- Life and The Good Times -


Our relationship with Jay Pee goes way back to when we started. Back then, Life and The Good Times didn't even exist, but as soon as we relocated to Boston and told Jay Pee about it, him and Juan, the lead guitarist, were eager to put it up on stage. Learn more about Jay Pee and Juan, Life and The Good Times and listen to their music on the link bellow.



Luis Felipe Gomez
- Entre Nos -


We met Luis Felipe at the Life and The Good Times gig when they premiered their Gallo Guitar on stage. Since then, he has been a paramount part of the evolution of our guitars models, as well as a great musician on and off the stage. To learn more about Luis and his music, click on the link below.



Dave Anthony
- Nemes -


We met Dave in a very unconventional way. We found his band Nemes on Google and really liked what they were doing, so we decided to take a shot and email them. Next thing we know Dave is playing one of our demos in our studio and a week later has one of our guitars up on stage! To read more about Dave and his cool story with us, click on the link below.